Private Lessons

Cooking with Ruth Wassell

Inauguration night at The Triggerfish Cookshop

Private or group lessons can be arranged.  Call me to discuss menus so that I can prepare a tailored lesson as a copy of the recipes will be available to take home.

I can hold lessons in my home for up to four people or in the Triggerfish Cookshop in Blackrock where I can take up to ten more comfortably.

I have given some interesting lessons!

I had a request from two lovely Hawaiian ladies for an Irish cookery lesson.  They were in Dublin for a weekend and on the Sunday they came up to my house for a full three course lunch prepared in front of them and then we sat down to enjoy it. Imagine their suprise when they saw a photo of Duke Kahanamoku with my sons dad, there is a bronze statue of the Duke on Kuhio beach, Waikiki! He was an Olympic swimmer and famous surfer.  There is a chain of restaurants named after him in California and Hawaii called Duke's.

These classes have become popular with tourists wishing to experience a meal in an Irish home.  I have since had groups of Americans come for a 3 course Irish meal prepared in front of them.  They get to make their own soda bread too. After the meal they leave with a copy of the recipes prepared.  They can contine up to Johnny Foxes Irish pub or down to Dundrum town centre as I am located in Sandyford.  Recently I have prepared recipes from my friend Rachel Allens book and they leave with a copy of the book which allows them to prepare more recipes at home.

Recently I have been doing private cookery lessons for people with food intolerances.  I had young man who is intolerant to yeast, wheat and diary for a course of 6 lessons.  He was living on chicken and potatoes!  He is now educated on how to read labels, shop, plan and adapt recipes and is a great cook, enjoying healthy nutritious food.  I gave me great pleasure to see the change in him and I am sure there are many people in the same situation.   During these hands on tailor made lessons, we cook up to 6 recipes together, you bring them home along with a recipe pack and some homework!  I do all the research, planning and shopping.

beef stirfry biscotti and icecream lamb tagine mexican soup